Friday, June 20, 2008

Resolution on Abandonment and Adoption of Children

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), is scheduled to debate a draft resolution adopted by the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee in March, "Preventing the first form of violence against children: abandonment at birth", on Friday next June 27th. The goal of the resolution is to consider ways to reduce the numbers of children abandoned at birth in member States and to protect the rights of abandoned children, such as the right to determine their origins.

There are many good aspects to the resolution such as the promotion of support for pregnant women in difficulty. However, this is also a pro-abortion resolution which pushes issues such as sexual rights and reproductive health services. In essence abortion is regarded as a preferable option to a later abandonment when in reality both options are completely unacceptable. There also seems to be confusion in the report and the text of the resolution between criminal abandonment and legitimate decisions to place children for adoption.

See John Smeaton's blog for more information on the resolution and how to contact the representatives of your country on the Council.