Thursday, July 10, 2008

US refuses to fund UNFPA over Forced Abortions

The United States has refused the UN Population Fund nearly $40 million for the 7th year running. The US began withholding funding from the agency after the Population Research Institute uncovered evidence that the UNFPA was involved in forced abortion and sterilisation in China as part of the country’s one-child policy. As PRI president Steven Mosher stated in a news report: “The evidence demonstrates that the UNFPA continues to aid and abet China’s barbaric one-child policy. It doesn’t deserve one penny of US money.”

A UN agency that is involved in such an appalling abuse of human rights does not deserve a penny of any country’s money, but it is still being funded by Ireland, a country that protects its own unborn citizens but does not seem to mind funding the forcible killing of babies abroad. Ireland is in fact listed as one of the top 20 donors of 2006. Other countries that offer partial or total protection for the unborn but fund the UNFPA include every country in Latin America, virtually every country in the Middle East, Malta, Poland and the Philippines.

Pro-life and human rights groups in these countries need to call their governments to account for the evil they are funding and to call on them to follow the US government’s lead. To continue to fund an agency that colludes in the abuse of women and the killing of unborn babies is inhumane and hypocritical.