Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Canadian March for Life

It is estimated that at least 12,000 people took part in this year’s March for Life in Ottawa, Canada, in March. see

Jim Hughes, president of the Campaign Life Coalition, addressing the crowd, said he welcomed all those who had come to take part in the March and, in particular, he thanked the young people – who made up a very large part of those participating. He said, too, that he would like to pay tribute to ‘the teachers and the chaperones’ of the young people.

Also at the March for Life (other countries please take note of this) were twenty-one members of the Canadian Parliament, together with an encouraging number of the Canadian Catholic bishops and other prominent clergy who came to be present with their fellow pro-lifers. The Cardinal Primate of Canada congratulated the Canadian government for recently having decided not to include support for abortion in its ‘G8’ maternal health plan, but he also urged them to continue to protect life. Another bishop told the crowd: ‘My message is very simply: my friends, just to remind you that God created life. God did not create death. We don’t own our lives.’ Reminiscent of a quote that appeared in a Canadian pro-life journal many, many years ago that stated: ‘A baby is God’s opinion that the world should continue’, he said that ‘Every child that is born is a sign that God is not tired of man.’

One of the Members of Parliament, who is chairman of the Pro-Life Parliamentary Caucus, declared to the thousands taking part in the March: ‘…I believe in the value of the unborn, and I’m not afraid to say that.’
At the conclusion of the March, after the many speeches, a number of members of the Silent No More Awareness group spoke of their experiences and the hurt they now feel following an abortion that they have come to regret. It’s not only women who are affected by abortion, but men too.


Ireland’s Rally for Life – as mentioned in previous blogs – is planned to take place in Belfast on 3 July next. Watch out for further details in the coming weeks!