Friday, July 16, 2010

Spanish Family Forum calls the decision of the Constitutional Court an “immense error”

The Spanish Family Forum is highly critical of the Spanish Constitutional Court for deciding not to suspend the new law on abortion calling the decision "An immense error." The Constitutional Court they say shows reprehensible indifference to the good at stake: the lives of unborn children.

The Forum has issued the following press release.
Madrid, 14 July 2010. By voting not to suspend the new Law on Abortion as a precautionary measure, the Constitutional Court shows reprehensible indifference to the good at stake: the life of unborn children who, together with the women who are victims of abortion, are totally defenseless under the terms of the new law. No formal or legal argument is sufficient to allow a fundamental right to be ignored given the serious doubts about the unconstitutional nature of the new law. The fact that four of the Constitutional Court judges expressed their reserve indicates that it is possible to interpret the law in a way which would avoid the irreparable damage the new Law will produce while the Constitutional Court reaches a decision.

The President of Spanish Family Forum, Benigno Blanco, points out:”A very large number of Spanish people simply cannot understand the indifference which this decision of the Constitutional Court shows towards the grave damage which will be caused by the application of a law which we believe violates rights guaranteed by our Constitution. The fact that a majority of Judges voted against temporarily suspending the law shows that something is seriously wrong with our constitutional system in respect of the defense of fundamental rights. As was indicated in the appeal lodged by the People’s Party, if a circumstantial majority in Parliament approved a law allowing capital punishment, this doctrine would mean that the Constitutional Court would allow the law to be applied and people be executed while reaching a decision on whether the new law was constitutional or not”.

“After this immense error by the Constitutional Court, - Benigno Blanco continues – all that can be done is to demand the utmost urgency in the hearing of the appeal so that the unconstitutional nature of the law be declared in the shortest time possible and the damaged caused be reduced to the minimum”.