Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playing "Catch Up" with HPV Vaccine

As a follow-up on previous blogs concerning the vaccination programme against HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) for young girls, it seems that the Irish Department of Health [sic] is happy that the Aviva healthcare organisation is now making the dangerous vaccine available to 150,000 further, older, schoolgirls. The philanthropic Aviva organisation will, however, make a charge of €249/299 for the jabs of the vaccine.

It would be interesting to know who exactly is benefiting from the promotion of the HPV vaccine, known as Gardasil. Is it the pharmaceutical companies that are benefiting, and getting the money? And, does the Government – and now, also, the healthcare insurance companies such as Aviva – get a private ‘back-hander’ from the pharmaceutical giants to promote their lethal products?
In the meantime, the young girls of Ireland are being used as human guinea-pigs to test out this untried and unproven vaccine. There are too many reports of adverse and sometimes fatal consequences resulting from application of the vaccine, to allow it to be used. The majority of parents are, however, totally unaware of what is involved, and the Government is deliberately keeping the truth from them. It is time for parents to question the legitimacy of this whole vaccination programme – the future lives, physical and moral, of their daughters could be at stake.