Thursday, March 10, 2011

March for Life Brussels March 27th

Please mark in your diaries that this years March for Life in Brussels on March 27th. This will be the second annual march for life and more details can be found on this link .
 Paul Van Oldenberg reports that last years march for life was a beautiful success! 

We received hundreds of e-mails from people deeply touched by our peaceful loving March.  (Some who were passing by, and some who had read about us in the news.)
They saw young smiling faces in Love with Life and thousands of red and white roses with white banners. The banners reached to woman with the slogan “Women deserve better than Abortion”.
Women wrote to us and thanked us with all their hearts for having the courage to speak up for them about the pain of their abortions and open a door so they now had the courage to talk about it and seek healing and peace. Also since last year many students and young people have gotten involved and many new Pro Life student groups have started.
 This year we have even more buses of young people coming from the surrounding countries and from within Belgium. Young people and people of all ages and nationalities are invited to come and join in solidarity on the respect of Human life and women who bare it and society who should protect it.
 Our Goal is to bring awareness in a loving peaceful way on all life issues and bring dialogue to the Media and to our Governments. We are a New Generation for a Culture and Society for Life in all its stages! We love our countries and our women and abortion is deeply wounding both.
 These are very difficult issues, and so many now have been affected or touched by them in some way and reaching this life work can only be done with love and compassion and not judgment of those involved…..but with a courage to judge the damaging effects on society as a whole. We must let our compassion and love for the woman and girls, for the sick and elderly and disabled, of our countries overcome our fear to speak the truth so that our cultures are ones where life is protected and respected from the beginning to natural end.

Please support the march with your prayers and join it if you are able.