Monday, June 20, 2011

Mothers Alliance lodge official complaint on "Gardasil" to Ombudsman for Children

Mothers Alliance Ireland has been campaigning for some time now, amongst other things, on the dangers of the Gardasil vaccine.   Thousands of young Irish girls have already been inoculated with Gardasil, and the ‘Minister for Health’, Dr James Reilly, declared recently that he is about to extend this vaccination programme to more Irish girls. Please also see my blog for 9 March 2011, and previous blogs  

Mothers Alliance Ireland has already lodged a formal complaint with the Health Service Executive and also appealed to the former Minister for Health to suspend the vaccination programme until the full truth about the vaccine and its adverse reactions on young girls is made known.   MAI has received no reply from either, and has now lodged an official complaint with the Ombudsman for Children.   Why? Two ingredients of Gardasil – sodium borate (pesticide) and Polysorbate 80 – are linked to infertility.  As well as that, the link between Gardasil and the huge increase in stillbirths and the early death of children in the womb is already well documented.

Now – why would the Irish government (or indeed any government) want to inoculate young girls with a vaccine that would in future years cause them to be infertile?

Another reason for stopping the Gardasil vaccination programme is that injuries, illnesses and deaths have been found to be associated with Gardasil.   Since it was introduced, nearly 100 deaths have taken place, and nearly 22,000 adverse reactions worldwide.   In Ireland alone, hundreds of adverse reactions have been reported to the authorities – who have ignored this information. 

Mother Alliance Ireland now asks the Irish government what is the justification for the Gardasil vaccination programme?  Why is it necessary to use drugs that cause infertility, death, and various injuries and illnesses in the promotion of a vaccination programme that purports to ‘prevent’ cervical cancer at some future date?

The obvious answer is too horrific to contemplate.