Thursday, July 28, 2011

To pray or not to pray, that is the question

While the atheist member of the Irish Seanad (upper house of parliament) is calling for the removal of the prayer with which each day’s session of the Irish parliament debates begins, it is interesting to read of another politician calling for a day of prayer for his nation.     

The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry (he is also a presidential contender), has called for a Day of Prayer for the United States of America, to take place on 6 August next.   He has stated that he made this call because of the following, 

‘[G]iven the trials that beset our nation and world, from the global economic downturn to natural disasters, the lingering danger of terrorism and continued debasement of our culture, I believe it is time to convene the leaders from each of our United States in a day of prayer and fasting, like that described in the book of Joel.  I urge all Americans of faith to pray on that day for the healing of our country, the rebuilding of our communities and the restoration of enduring values as our guiding force.’

Whether or not one accepts his sincerity (and who can legitimately question that), at least he had the guts to make his call publicly.