Monday, March 19, 2012

March for Life 2012

As we approach March 25th the day of the Annunciation we enter into one of the march for life seasons
Two such events have come to our attention so far
Firstly the third March for life to be held in Brussels will take place on Sunday next March 25th commencing at 13.30 at the Mont des Arts and finishing at 16.00 at Place Poelaert close to the Palais de Justice.

Meanwhile Romania according to reports will hold events in 20 cities see following report

Various pro-life organizations and Christian groups are organizing on Saturday, March the 24th, “March for Life” initiatives.  This event, for the first time, will have a national spread, as it will take place simultaneously in 20 Romanian cities.

The goal of the „March for Life” is to re-state the right to life of the unborn children starting with conception, the respect towards life in all its stages and manifestations and the need to support the family as a basic unit of every society.

The decrease in the birth rate, identified as main cause of the demographic crisis, will continue to deepen the unbalance between the social and economical environment – unless stopped, which can be achieved mainly through restriction / ban of abortions.

According to the report a Manifesto addressed to society and the political class will be made public during the March. This manifesto will request the implementation of a new attitude and new legislation, favoring life and family, especially as Romania has the highest abortion rate among all the EU countries and suffers a visible degradation of the importance of family in social life.

According to data obtained from the last national census, Romania has lost, in absolute figures, 4 million people, and the population is ageing. It is estimated that at least 8 million children (and this is only official data) were victims of abortions from 1990 to day.

The real losses are hard to estimate, according to specialists, and they already affect all aspects of life, starting with labour market, pension budget, public health insurance or the creative power of our people. In the future, Romania will depend on immigration for a labour force, in order to continue to exist.

The "March for Life” follows the international tradition of large world cities, such as Washington, Paris, Berlin, Bruxelles or Budapest.

For further information regarding: the complete list of the participating Romanian cities, the route and program of the March, and for the contact details of the local organizers, please access or send an email to contact[@]marsulpentruviata[.]ro.