Monday, February 4, 2013

UNJUST LAWS ARE SELF-DESTRUCTING: “The Infant in the Womb is not a Disease but a gift of New Human Life”


“The Infant in the Womb is not a Disease but a gift of New Human Life”

Ireland United for Life has welcomed recent comments on the abortion issue by His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura:  “The fight is certainly winnable” he said, pointing out that Catholic politicians have a responsibility to promote Life and Family, and that they should oppose abortion legislation and prevent legislation abandoning our Pro-Life position.  “A Nation with unjust laws becomes ever-more corrupt and ever-more threatened with self-destruction” he said.

Speaking specifically about Ireland, he warned that abandoning our Pro-Life position and decriminalising abortion will develop a culture against Life.  Catholics need to listen to Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, who has addressed this fundamental issue so frequently, His Eminence, one of the foremost Canon Lawyers of the Catholic Church, gave his comments during a recent interview on American station Ave Maria Radio.

In a separate interview with Irish Newspaper ‘Catholic Voice’ of 3rd February, Cardinal Burke is quoted:  “Abortion has nothing to do with healthcare, the infant in the womb is not a disease but a gift of new human life. ……The taking of an innocent and defenceless human life can never be right, can never be justified.  Therefore, to decriminalize abortion is a contradiction of the most fundamental principles of the legal system, the principle that human life is to be safeguarded and defended at all times”.

Canon 915 – For Those in Public Office:

Speaking in relation to Canon 915, which deals with those in Public Office, he stated “… and Catholic politicians have a particularly heavy responsibility in our Nation by their political activity, to promote human life and to promote the family -  and those Catholic politicians who obstinately promote anti-life and anti-family legislation, for instance, who support and vote for legislation, who make procured abortion more readily available, … and other such violations of the Moral Law, this is a very grave sin and once they’re warned, they should not present themselves any more to receive Holy Communion until they have amended their ways.”  He continued “It’s a very grave sin in itself, it risks their own eternal punishment for having committed so grave a sin …”

Speaking Specifically about Ireland, he said:

“Ireland has been steadfast in upholding the inviolable dignity of human life and one can’t help but also note that Ireland is  one of the safest countries in the world, if not the safest, for ….care of women and also for safe delivery of babies and so forth.  The medical field in Ireland especially in the area of gynaecology and obstetrics, is very advanced.  If through any bad decision, Ireland should abandon its strong position against abortion, it will simply go down a road that many countries have already gone down, including our own.

Once abortion is decriminalized it becomes an ever expanding reality in society and it generates a whole culture of death as we’ve experienced and it’s been experienced in other countries where abortion is possible ‘on demand’ as they say. So it’s a critical moment for Ireland, it’s not only for Ireland itself but it’ll also be a critical moment for Her to give a witness to the whole world with regard to this fundamental issue, which Our Holy Father has addressed so frequently, which the Bishops of Ireland are addressing to the people now and the good Catholics need to listen to Our Holy Father as the One who has received the Grace to be the Teacher of the Universal Church, and to their Bishops with regard to these important matters for the Common Good.”

Concluding, he added “I fear very much for Ireland should it accept abortion, or what it will mean for a Nation which, in fact, has been so much in the forefront in protecting human life ….”

Mrs. M. Morgan-Dupré
Secretary:  Ireland United For Life