Thursday, April 25, 2013

Commission on Population and Development Day 3

Text of a speech delivered to the Commission on Population and Development (CPD46) currently underway at the United Nations headquarters in New York by Ms. Denise Mountenay of Canada Silent no More.

Mr. Chairman; Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Both of my parents immigrated to Canada from Europe almost 60 years ago. For the past 22 years, Canada my birthplace, and homeland has continued to bring in about 250,000 immigrants every year. When my parents arrived with nothing, they went straight to work to support us, and paid taxes right from the beginning to enrich our nation. However, now, according to 'Immigration Watch Canada' the cost of Immigration today in the form of Government Welfare/Healthcare and subsidies is an estimated total of $23.6 Billion per year. Plus we also have another 180,000 New Temporary Foreign Workers allowed to work in Canada every year. Are they taking away jobs from our own Canadians? Or is there a great need for foreign labour because we have vast shortages of manpower in the trades, medical, labour and employment markets due to a dying/aging work force?
We also have an average of about 30,000 people making 'Refugee Claims' to find asylum in Canada annually. Truth is, Canada like most developed countries around the world, now has an aging/dying population problem, and we are not even replacing ourselves. NGO's that specialize in Population Control campaigns under the guise of "family planning" have done well over the last five decades to promote and support widespread use of birth control pills, patches, injections, IUD's, abortions and massive sterilization programs globally in our schools and through media. Worldwide, permanent sterilizations (tubal sterilization and vasectomy) are now used by more people than any other method of contraception today. An estimated 180 million women of reproductive age and 43 million men have been permanently sterilized. Approximately 75% of these people live in India and China where we have reports of forced sterilizations by "family planning" clinics.

As a result world demographics are radically shifting, and will continue to decline rapidly in the developed countries first. Almost every developed nation is now well below replacement fertility rates! They scramble to try and just replace themselves to maintain their cultures.
This downward spiral of aging/dying populations; are a direct result of fewer children being conceived and actually born. Along with the growing population of older people (aged 60 or over) expected to grow from just over 600 million to over 1 billion between 2000 and 2020—a 67 per cent increase—. This development will also have huge economic and geriatric repercussions.

Who is profiting in the billions, from these declining birth rates? It is the large multi-billion dollar manufacturing drug companies that produce the chemical steroids (birth control pills) and devices, along with the abortion (planned death of children in the womb) industry benefiting from the sale of ending the lives of children in the womb.
It appears that the Population Control agencies are now targeting Africa and South and Central America whereby abortion is still illegal and or restricted in most of these countries. Sadly, they are using "Maternal Mortality" as an excuse to push the legalization of abortion into nations that still protect preborn children from being ripped apart, decapitated, poisoned or slaughtered in their mother's womb!
As former legal abortion patients, we attest that whether "legal" or "illegal" abortion is damaging women's mental and reproductive health, and killed our children! There is no such thing as a “safe” abortion. Legal abortions do not equal ‘safe’ abortions! And, of course, abortion is never ‘safe’ for the living baby inside his or her mother’s womb. Unfortunately, pregnant women in developing countries are dying where they also have high infant mortality rates, reflecting the poor nutrition, and little or no health care services. They lack transportation/access to emergency and basic obstetrical care during pregnancy and childbirth. Furthermore, most maternal deaths in Africa have been medically preventable for decades, as treatments to avoid such deaths have been well-known since the 1950s! These pregnant women need clean water, hospitals, food, education, vitamins and sanitation, not boxes of condoms, birth control pills and IUD's.i

The World Health Organization (WHO) target for Millennium Development Goal 5 is to reduce the maternal mortality ratio. There is progress. The Lancet, Medical Journal stated, “... maternal mortality from 1980 to
2008 for 181 countries has shown a substantial decline in maternal deaths....Progress overall would have been greater if the HIV epidemic had not contributed to substantial increases in maternal mortality in eastern and southern Africa.”ii (not "unsafe" illegal abortions)

Tragically, Africans were sold into slavery for profit, having no right to life and liberty. Aboriginal peoples who were classified as "non-persons" in North America were killed and forced into Residential Schools and Reservations. There are the horrors of the holocaust where millions of Jews and others were exterminated as part of a population control campaign by the Nazis, in order to kill the "unwanted". The United Nations was formed to protect every human being no matter how small, despite race, religion and age.
In conclusion, people in developing countries need infrastructure, education on how to prosper, sustainable food, clean water and access to sanitary medical services to preserve all life. They need clean birthing kits to prevent infections; Access to skilled birthing attendants, doctors and emergency obstetric care, not abortions. The CPD of the United Nations has an obligation according the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, to defend and protect the innocent from violence. Article 3 states that “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” Also, the Declaration on the Rights of the Child, states that “the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth,” -CRC (1990) Preamble. And ICPD (1994), Chapter II, Principle 1. Thank you so much for listening. i Wikipedia, Maternal Death ii Boerma JT. PubMed-U.S. National Library of Medicine -National Institutes of Health The Elliot Institute reported that the majority of women in the USA do not even want an abortion as 64% are coerced or pressured into it by boyfriends, parents, husbands and abortion clinic workers. Many women suffer cervical and uterine damage, sterility, pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies, breast and cervical cancers, depression, guilt, remorse, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse etc….from legal abortions.[ii] and