Thursday, September 26, 2013

Misleading article refers to a so called 'post-fertilisation contraceptive'

The Daily Mail recently published an article saying that according to researchers women should be offered a so called ‘after-sex contraceptive pill’ that they claim could ‘prevent pregnancy’ up to a month later.
According to the article researchers are urging drug companies to develop a version of the Pill that would disrupt a pregnancy after the egg and sperm had joined to create an embryo.

In plain language, this is not contraception, it is abortion.
Once fertilization has taken place a new embryo exists and any substance used to end the life of that new human being can and should be termed an abortifacient.

Neither are these headlines based on any new drugs, or even research. Instead they focus on a controversial opinion piece calling for research to be carried out into what the researchers falsely term ‘a post-fertilisation contraceptive'.
The controversial opinion piece was published in a pro abortion journal ‘the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care’.