Saturday, November 2, 2013

BPAS not welcome in Ireland

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service BPAS wants to open abortion clinics in Ireland purportedly to make it easier for Irish women to access abortion and has issued a direct challenge to the Irish Government. 
In reality this is a cynical attempt by BPAS whose purpose in having abortion clinics in Ireland is clearly premised on the basis that easy access to abortion will increase business.
The business of killing babies is the most reprehensible of all businesses and it is big business, multi million euro business. The pretence of caring for women who are trying to come to terms with the predicament of an unexpected pregnancy  and the pretence that they are about helping women, is not only pitiless it is actually an uncaring and a ruthless pursuit of profit.
The entire business is built on a tissue of lies which have to be confronted, lies such as telling women its only a ‘blob of tissue’ when they know full well there is another human being present and of course the greatest lie of all is that killing a baby in the womb is a legitimate moral ‘choice’ that women can make.
The Journal reports as follows:    
THE LARGEST PROVIDER of abortions in Britain has told the Irish government to ‘stop washing its hands’ of women who travel abroad for an abortion.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has taken out an advertisement in The Irish Times newspaper today with the provocative slogan “We’ll care for your women until your government does”.

The organisation, which says it has treated ‘many thousands of women from Ireland’ over the past thirty years, says women from Ireland who have abortions are being “wilfully ignored by the political establishment” and that the recent abortion legislation “will do nothing to help the women we see in our clinics every day”.

“The women we see from Ireland are just like those from England – but made more desperate by the financial and emotional cost of having to travel,” said Ann Furedi, the chief executive of BPAS.

BPAS said women from Ireland tend to have abortions later than average because they have to arrange travel and funding. The group said that almost one third of abortions for women from Ireland are carried out at 10 weeks and later, compared with just over a fifth of abortions for women from England.

The abortion provider said it had taken out the advertisement “in solidarity with the women who are denied legal, safe abortion in Ireland and those who campaign tirelessly for the legal change needed so women can access care at home”.

“No politician in a civilised country should force women to make a journey abroad for abortion care.” said Furedi. “The decision alone is a tough enough journey”.

The full  text of the advertisement reads:

    As if deciding to have an abortion wasn’t enough of a journey

    Almost 4,000 Irish women have to travel to Britain for help every year.

    We’ll care for your women until your government does

The most recent figures show that 3,982 women – an average of almost 11 per day –  gave addresses in the Republic of Ireland when attending British clinics and hospitals for an abortion last year. The actual figure is likely to be even higher as not all women give their real address.

Government ministers – including Justice Minister Alan Shatter – have said there will be no more abortion legislation in the lifetime of this government, following the passing of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill earlier this year.

The current law allows for abortion to be carried out in Ireland only in cases of a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother.