Monday, March 3, 2014

National Vigil for Life Merrion Square Dublin Saturday May 3rd

The Fine Gael Party promised voters they would not legalise abortion. They broke that promise. The pro-life movement gave a commitment that it would not sit back and accept this new law. The National Vigil for Life on 3rd May is a clear sign that we will not be breaking our promise.

On 3rd May, we will have an opportunity to show that, far from losing heart, we are more committed than ever. This is, truly, a moment in which we have to persevere for what is right. In introducing abortion the Government knew exactly what it was doing and that there was no medical or legal necessity for it.

Each one of us has to decide whether to sit this one out or step up to the mark and join the pro-life fightback. Political promise-breaking and groupthink in politics and the media are two of the most damaging aspects of public life in Ireland today. They have to be challenged.

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