Thursday, July 10, 2014

ADFAM statement expresses support for stance made by Ashers Bakery

The Alliance for the Family and Marriage [ADFAM],, an organization set up to defend marriage, and to oppose the legalization of same sex “marriage” has expressed support for Daniel McArthur of Ashers’ Bakery in Antrim who face legal action because of their refusal to bake a cake for a homosexual couple.

 ADFAM has also indicated opposition to the adoption of children by non marital couples, including same-sex couples, and are accordingly opposed to the Irish Government’s General Scheme of a Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014, for that reason, and for several other reasons..
The ADFAM statement reads:
            We wish to express our alarm that a Christian baker in Antrim, Daniel McArthur of Ashers’ Bakery Antrim, is being threatened with law by the Equality Commission there for refusing to bake a cake with a motto expressing support for the homosexualist agenda.
            We strongly condemn this attempt at persecution on religious grounds of Mr McArthur. We draw attention to the fact that it is illegal to discriminate unjustly against persons on the basis of their religious affiliation, and that is exactly what is being attempted in this case. Christians have civil rights as well.
            We’d like to point out that same-sex “marriage” is illegal both North and South. We believe that this attempt at persecution of Mr McArthur is a gross violation of his human rights to freedom of religion, and freedom of expression.
            We wish to warn voters from all parts of Ireland that this type of persecution of persons because of their religious beliefs is likely to increase if same-sex “marriage” is accepted by voters in the South next year, or by a vote in the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly some time in the future. This type of persecution has already started in England and Scotland, and in the United States. Brendan Eich of Firefox Mozilla in California was forced out of his job recently when it became public that he made a financial contribution in favour of Proposition 8, a proposition to recognize marriage in law as between one man and one woman.
            We condemn all acts of abuse or violence against homosexual persons. We also condemn all attempts at persecution of persons because of the religious views they hold.
            We urge all voters, North and South, to contact their Local Councillors, MLAs, TDs and Senators, in order to express their opposition to this persecution.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Greene,
Alliance for the Defence of the Family and Marriage [ADFAM]