Thursday, August 14, 2014

12 year-old girl dies within hours of having HPV vaccine.

Serious questions arise once again, about the safety of the HPV vaccine, after the sudden death of a seemingly healthy 12 year-old girl, within hours of having the vaccine. See two of the previous ELN blog-posts on this vaccine, JULY 5th 2008, and SEPTEMBER 6th 2011.

Twelve year-old Meredith Prohaska from Wisconsin, who collapsed and died hours after having the HPV vaccination, had complained of feeling tired after getting the vaccine.

Metedith’s distraught mother is asking 'Did the HPV vaccine kill my daughter’ and demanding answers after her healthy and active daughter collapsed and died after getting vaccine.

The Daily Mail reported August 9th that Meredith’s parents are questioning whether the HPV vaccine was the cause of her death. See also a report which appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Daily Mail article says;
Rebecca Prohaska is so desperate for answers as to why her fit and healthy daughter, Meredith, died that she agreed for medical examiners to take the girl's brain away for testing.

Meredith, who loved to play basketball, was given the routine vaccine offered to all children of her age just hours before she died.

When she returned home from the doctor's appointment, the 12-year-old complained of feeling sleepy, and napped for much of the day.

But when Mrs Prohaska returned home from picking up dinner at about 4pm, she found her daughter face down on the living room floor.

She had vomited, her lips were purple, and she wasn't breathing. Meredith was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Doctors have so far been unable to give a reason for why the seemingly healthy schoolgirl died.