Monday, January 4, 2016

War on Ireland's unborn 2016

We have just entered 2016 but there are already two pro-abortion stories in the news. All such reports must currently be viewed as part of the propaganda spewed out by political parties and others in the lead up to the upcoming general election. One of the saddest things is that these people can so callously play with human life as though it is of no consequence. They have bought into the lie that there is such a right, as the right to choose,  the right to choose to kill another human being.

First we were told on the very first day of the new year that two leading liberal Fine Gael ministers have committed to addressing abortion in 2016 — with or without the Labour Party in government.  The two, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe are both reported to have said Fine Gael did not need Labour in order to progress the issue.
This was clearly an attempt to tell the electorate that they are just as liberal on this crucial issue as the Labour party and by so doing to remove any possible advantage that Labour may gain from being perceived as the only pro-abortion party.

Then on day 4 of the new year we have been told that the new Master of the Rotunda Professor Fergal Malone has called for change in Ireland’s laws on abortion.

 We can predict that this is only the beginning and that in the lead up to the election we will have the pro-abortion industry, the media, pro-abortion organisations and politicians all howling for change in Ireland’s Constitution.

Pro-life organisations and politicians will have an uphill battle to retain the remaining level of protection of unborn human life.
Clearly one cannot vote for pro-abortion politicians and it is therefore vital that a complete list of pro-life politicians be made available prior to polling.

It is also imperative that people ask general election candidates where they stand on this issue. This issue is too important to fudge.