Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh Emma, how could you?

I was leafing through the Abortion Rights' newsletter this morning. It makes fascinating and entertaining reading, particularly when I discover how well-funded they believe the pro-life lobby is (yes, we have it on good authority that we are rolling in it) and what anti-woman monsters members of the pro-life lobby are supposed to be (including thousands of women, naturally, but why on earth would people who claim to campaign in the name of women's rights be interested in women who have the ingratitude to disagree with them?)

Then of course there were the howling errors, like muddling up Passion for Life with Precious Life but basic accuracy has never bothered these people very much...nor does it bother the C-list celebrities they are wheeling out to prop up their campaign.

According to comedian Jo Brand, "The time limit argument is a total red herring. It's the same old anti-abortionists with their anti-women agenda, making up the science as they go along. MPs must have no truck with this."

Then Emma Thompson stepped into the fold: "Those opposed to abortion are entitled to their view, but they should not be allowed to dictate to women about their own individual decisions and start chipping away at laws designed to protect the safety of women who cannot continue with a pregnancy."

Hmm, after yesterday's post on the inability of the abortion lobby to grasp basic scientific facts, I hardly need to comment on Jo Brand's take on 'the science', but is the abortion lobby clutching at straws so comprehensively that spouting this outdated jargon is the best they can do?