Thursday, September 18, 2008

The ugly face of the abortion lobby

The abortion lobby is very good at portraying itself as the righteous underdog in the abortion debate, unlike the wealthy, vicious pro-life lobby imposing their 'agendas' on women. Those of us who actually work in this area know the reality behind the fiction, that the abortion lobby is well-funded by government departments, rich benefactors and the profits of private abortion mills. We also see the ugly face of the abortion lobby behind the thin veneer of compassion and altruism that the media accepts as fact.

This video, which featured on the Hermeneutic of Continuity recently, shows the vicious, hate-ridden behaviour abortion campaigners are prepared to resort to in order to get their message across. To give a little background information, this pro-abortion rally took place in Argentina and the young people praying the rosary stationed themselves in front of the cathedral to prevent the protesters storming in and desecrating the place. The video clearly shows the pro-abortion protesters screaming insults and spitting in their faces, whilst the young people calmly pray and refuse to retaliate. This is the sort of despicable action the abortion lobby seems to revel in - an unprovoked attack on innocent people at prayer- and then place blame on the pro-lifers. The ever willing media can always be counted on to cooperate.