Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Girls Do Cry

This excellent article by Dr Martha Shuping and Chris Gacek looks at the psychological effects of abortion on women and the refusal by the abortion industry to warn women of the risk of Post Abortion Trauma.

Dr Shuping's work in this area is particularly valuable as she is a psychiatrist and worked as a counsellor for an abortion facility when she was a medical student. She says of her time there:

In just one evening of training, I learned to tell women that the fetus was nothing more than a clump of cells and that the procedure was akin to having one’s tonsils removed. There were no side effects or complications to consider with this “simple, safe procedure.

Thirty-five years later, abortion clinic staff still recite the same clich├ęs, but I would not give the same advice today. I know better. As a psychiatrist, I have helped women heal from the effects of their abortions for more than 20 years through individual psychotherapy and group programs for abortion recovery. Having been
entrusted with the intimate details of hundreds of abortions, I now could not truthfully say there are no risks: Women’s hearts are at risk with abortion, and peer-reviewed research increasingly confi rms the risks to women’s mental health.