Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Courageous Pro-Life Lawyer

In Argentina, a young lawyer has offered to adopt a child at risk of being aborted. Dr Lucian Pavo, who is married and has children of her own, told journalists:

"I am moved by the necessity of being honest with ourselves about life. I want to prevent someone from being killed. We cannot use contradictory language and say that we defend life and human rights, while simultaneously denying life and its rights to a new living person.

"I am capable of taking care of the baby regardless of the circumstances and the physical and mental state this baby might be in after birth. We must not discriminate against someone because they are born with a handicap. We must accept them as they come. Its condition doesn't matter to me."

Every person who calls themselves pro-life and is in a position to do so should be prepared to offer a home to a child at risk of abortion. Mother Teresa famously said that there were no unwanted children - she wanted them. We should all be ready to say the same thing, or, like Dr Pavo, to say: "I want to prevent someone from being killed".