Thursday, April 30, 2009

People as Pestilence

A group calling itself ‘Sustainable Population Australia (SPA)’ has declared that Australia’s 22 million people must be reduced to 7 million in order to avoid ‘environmental suicide’. The way in which this population control pressure group would plan to reduce the Australian population is to restrict every couple to one baby – on the lines of the infamous One Child policy enforced in China.
The group’s national president has also called for the abolition of the government baby bonus paid for all children in a family after the first child.

The Australian Democrats party, however, to which the national president of the group originally belonged, has distanced itself from her proposals, and the party has issued a statement, as follows: ‘It is a core belief of the Australian Democrats that we must work together to find practical solutions to all our problems that do not infringe the right of Australians to choose how they want to live their lives.’

The Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, commented that: ‘We need to start rethinking this [anti-natal] attitude if we want enough people around when we are old to care for us, pay taxes to support us, and if necessary, go to war to defend us.’