Saturday, December 19, 2009

Civil Unions

At a time when the Irish Government and opposition parties are relentlessly pushing for the legal recognition of homosexual and lesbian unions, and the granting to such unions – through legislation – of ‘rights’ and benefits equal of those presently enjoyed by married couples, many States in the U.S.A. are rejecting Bills that would grant further ‘rights’ to ‘same-sex unions’.

Interestingly in a recent Supreme Court decision in which a sperm donor to a lesbian couple, sought access to his son, Ms Justice Denham found the lesbian couple were not a family under the Constitution of Ireland and said their relationship may not be weighed as such in the balance against the father. In her judgment, Ms Justice Susan Denham found that the sperm donor has rights as a natural father and added that he had formed a bond with the child.

Irish legislators refuse to listen to those who are trying to warn them of the consequences for society, for marriage and the family if they pursue the measures contained in the ‘Civil Partnership Bill 2009’. Instead, they appear to be hell-bent on leading Ireland into the moral and destructive morass in which so many other countries have already found themselves after following a similar path.

We appeal to the Irish Government to drop this proposal now