Thursday, December 24, 2009

US Senate passes Health Care Bill which will fund abortions

The United States Senate today, Christmas Eve 2009, passed Sen. Harry Reid's health care bill. The progress of this bill has been extremely divisive and among other things the bill will fund abortions and deny care for patients.

Wendy Wright President of Concerned Women for America in a press statement said
"Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the Democrats' health care bill and distrust how the Democrats passed it. The bill will fund abortions, deny care for patients, increase premiums, create more bloated and unnecessary government agencies and burden taxpayers with paying off bribes to senators."

Ms Wright continued her statement by contrasting the actions of the senators in funding abortion, the slaughter of innocents with the wonderful gift of God's love for all mankind manifested in the birth of Jesus.

"As if to emphasize their arrogance, Democrat senators passed this monument to their greed for power on Christmas Eve. This gift to themselves at Americans' expense stands in stark contrast to Jesus relinquishing His divine privileges to serve and give to others.

"During this holy season commemorating the humility and love of God Who came to earth as a baby, these senators voted to fund abortion. Jesus healed the sick; this bill will force health providers to deny care to patients. Jesus taught people to be good stewards; this bill will penalize people who have insurance but the government doesn't approve. Jesus treated people of all classes equally; this bill benefits those well-connected to conniving politicians.

The full statement can be accessed on this link