Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boys born through IVF method may face infertility problems

As is well known, there are many couples today who – sadly – cannot conceive and bear children. A great number of these people accept the fact that they will not have the joy of having their own children, and gladly offer their love and affection through adoption to children who for whatever reason do not have the benefit of the care of their own natural mother and father. Others may prefer to remain childless, but at the same time offer their love to children, and adults, who cannot live within a natural family. While not for a moment denying the hurt and isolation of a couple who cannot have their own children, yet today there are some people who look on a child nearly as a commodity, and who will go to any lengths, and cost, to have a child ‘of their own’.

Medical science is forever trying to find new methods to overcome the problem of infertility but many of these methods, particularly those in the area of IVF, can and do cause more problems than that of infertility itself. Stress, physical dangers, cost – all of these, and more, are associated with IVF. The child – born, and yet to be born – cannot but suffer from these procedures, and even apart from the moral and ethical implications involved through the use of IVF, this whole approach to bringing a new human being into the world is not to be favoured.

One of the latest reports relating to IVF and the dangers associated with it is highlighted in the Telegraph newspaper (7 February 2010). It seems that a procedure in the area of IVF, called ICSI, can lead to baby boys inheriting fertility problems from their fathers. So the cycle goes on!

It is important to state, of course, that a child conceived through IVF is just as much a child created by God as a child conceived in the natural way.

IVF however is an outmoded solution of the last millennium. It is an unnatural method of dealing with problems of infertility and is now outdated. Only one embryo out of every 25 brought into being through IVF is actually born, it therefore lacks effectiveness and is extremely costly compared with the new direction that the science of dealing with problems of infertility has taken in the meantime

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