Monday, February 15, 2010


An international conference on FERTILITY, INFERTILITY AND GENDER will take place at Maynooth College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare (Ireland) from 16 to 18 June next. The conference is being organised by the Linacre Centre for Health and Ethics (U.K.)

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the meeting are as follows:

Marriage, fertility and celibacy; Biblical perspectives; Psychological issues in gender identity; Marriage, singleness and homosexuality; Love, unity and contraception; Population growth and control; STDs, teenage pregnancy and abstinence strategies; Assisted conception: ethical approaches; IVF and sexual ethics; The effects on children of the reproductive revolution.

A very broad range of subjects!

Speakers to the different topics will include: Fr Paul Mankowski; Professor Luke Gormally; Dr Philip Sutton; Professor Alexander Pruss; Dr Dermot Grenham; Dr Kevin O’Reilly; Professor David Paton; Dr Phil Boyle; Dr Mary Geach; Fr Kevin Flannery; Elizabeth Marquadt.

The conference opens at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 16 June 2010, and closes with lunch on Friday, 18 June 2010. Overnight accommodation is available at the College, and it may also be possible for participants to stay at the College on the nights before and after the conference.

Provisional booking may be made – by telephone +44 (01) 1865 610212
by fax +44 (01) 1865 610213
by e-mail

Further information, and other details, are available from Gwen McCourt at or by this link to the Linacre website