Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brussels Pro-Life March

The first-ever March for Life to take place in Brussels – the seat of the European Union Parliament – was held there just over a week ago. The March itself was organised by a group of young volunteers, and it attracted an attendance of over 2500 young pro-life people, who joined forces together at the Cathedral at Place Royal in the city.

Monseigneur André-Joseph Léonard (the recently appointed Archbishop of Brussels) addressed the gathering with strong words of encouragement for the pro-life work that they are doing. A number of people, representing international pro-life groups from around the world – including some Youth Defence members from Ireland – also spoke to those present. The March then progressed from the Place Royal to the Palace of Justice, where 800 red and white roses were laid in remembrance of the victims of abortion.

Groups such as Stand True, Silent No More, and the March for Life committee addressed the crowds there, and it was agreed that the March was a tremendous success and, as YD says in their account of the event, ‘a testament to the hard work, commitment and passion of the new generation of pro-lifers that is emerging across the world.’