Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Timisoara Declaration on Life, Family and Freedom of Religion

The Alliance of Romania’s Families on August 21st launched a new declaration in support of life, family, parental rights and the right to freedom of religion. The declaration to be known known as the Timisoara Declaration was prepared along the lines of the Manhattan declaration.

The choice of Timisoara for launching the Declaration has historic resonances for the Romanian people being the location of the commencement of the Romanian revolution which brought about the end of totalitarian rule in Romania 21 years ago. The revolution which was started peacefully by a group of Christians who protested, publicly, the infringement of their rights by secular (communist) authorities started there almost 21 years ago and toppled the regime in a matter of days.

Now after 21 years according to a press release issued by the Alliance there is a new revolution in the same place. This time however it is a spiritual and of moral renewal. Though times have changed, obstacles and vicious opposition to Christian values continue this time within a European-wide system which claims to be democratic but nevertheless is motivated by a vitriolic secularist fundamentalism which threatens their historical and hard-won freedoms. The statement continues "Propelled and inspired by the actions of fellow Christians in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, Romanian Christians have determined that the time has come for their voice to be heard in their own homeland and abroad. Through this Declaration they are professing the fundamental truths of the infallible Word of God as they relate to issues of crucial importance for the welfare of society and its survival, foremost among them the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, religious freedom, and human dignity."
“This is not a theological declaration or statement,” according to Mr. Bogdan Mateciuc, Executive Director of the Alliance who continued
“It is an expression of views on important social institutions and matters with which the world confronts itself, Romania included. These views are nonnegotiable. They are of Christian inspiration and have their roots in basic notions of morality and human decency. They are common to all cultures, major religions, and across time boundaries. They are shared by the overwhelming majority of Romania’s citizens, regardless of their Christian affiliation. It is a formidable Declaration which calls on the citizens of the city to involve themselves in the betterment of their society and country.”
“This is a crucial document,” according to Dr. Peter Costea, President of the Alliance.
“It affirms in direct and forceful terms the foundational pillars of what a sound society should be all about. Every Christian community around the world should issue a similar statement. Times are hard for those who profess their faith publicly. But Christians are citizens, too, and have rights. They should be exercised to better the world in which they live. By issuing this Declaration we express our solidarity with Christians in other countries who have issued similar declarations. Their forceful proclamations of the Truth in the public square have inspired and encouraged us, and we hope our action today will encourage them as well.”
The press release ends with an invitation to members of the world community to join with the Alliance in proclaiming the principles set out in the Declaration, loudly and unambiguously, by signing, disseminating and making the Declaration known.

The text of the declaration in both Romanian and English can be viewed on this link