Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Health Minister Harney Please reverse Gardasil decision now

I have already blogged, on a number of occasions, on the subject of the Gardasil vaccination programme to which Irish schoolchildren are being subjected. The majority of parents are probably totally unaware of the full implications of Minister for Health Mary Harney’s plans for their children.

One group, however, the Mothers Alliance, has been to the fore in highlighting what is really involved in the vaccination programme. The Alliance has now written to the Minister, warning her of the consequences of her actions in this matter, and pleading with her to halt and withdraw the programme immediately. A copy of the letter has been sent to the Minister for Education, and also to the Irish Medicines Board. Here is part of what the Mothers’ Alliance has said to the Minister:
‘Mothers Alliance is notifying you that we have uncovered disturbing facts in relation to the Gardasil Vaccine which we believe warrants the immediate withdrawal of the vaccination programme from Irish schools. It appears that these facts have not been brought to the attention of the parents, schools’ authorities and recipients of the vaccine.’
Mothers Alliance quotes a Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Report, showing that: ‘The longest duration of follow-up in relation to vaccine efficacy, reported in published clinical trials, is approximately five years. Consequently, the protective effect of the vaccine against invasive cervical cancer has not yet been demonstrated.’ HIQA is certainly not an agency that would lightly take, or appear to be taking, a stand against Minister Mary Harney.
The Report goes on to show that 32% of participants in an ‘Immune response in women aged 16 to 26’ survey did not have immunity to HPV (human papilloma virus) type 18, which is one of the two high-risk strains for cervical cancer.
The Mothers Alliance letter to Minister Harney continues:
‘The HSE [Health Service Executive – the government agency that is facilitating the vaccination programme on behalf of the Minister] has also failed to inform parents and the general public that condoms offer no protection whatsoever against HPV, and that promiscuous lifestyles and use of the contraceptive pill – which lowers the natural immunity – predisposes girls to contracting HPV putting them at risk of many forms of cancers.’
The letter also highlights a number of serious side-effects, and deaths, that have occurred as a result of receiving the vaccine – I have blogged on this important information very recently.
A press release issued by the Mothers Alliance – outlining the dangers associated with the plan (already begun) to vaccinate Irish schoolchildren with Gardasil – warns that the administration of the vaccine ‘poses a serious risk to the lives, health and welfare of Irish children’, and that it must be abandoned immediately.

So, what does Minister Mary Harney think she is doing? Does she realise that she is putting the lives and welfare of our children at risk, against the financial gains of kow-towing to the big business of international pharmaceutical companies? Maybe, too, she is bowing to the liberal agenda promiscuous lifestyle, which she will live to regret.