Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maltese pro-life crisis pregnancy support group credited with saving babies lives

According to a report in the Malta Independent a crisis pregnancy support group has been effective in saving babies lives. The group called "Hope" which is a branch of the pro-life organisation "Gift of Life"is reported to have saved the lives of 60 babies in the last three years. Gift of Life spokesman Paul Vincenti said the group seeks to help pregnant women who are considering an abortion.
One of the channels the group uses to promote the right to life of the unborn is a marketing campaign by means of advertisements published in magazines distributed on all Air Malta flights and Virtu Ferries trips to Sicily.
“We aim to target any pregnant women on their way to have an abortion in Sicily, the UK or elsewhere,"
Vincenti explained.
“We never try forcing people not to have an abortion. We adopt a non-judgemental approach. Our people speak to mothers-to-be in strict confidentiality and help them make informed decisions by providing them with support and information about pregnancy and foetal development, as well as available support and options,"
he added.

Hope provides free pregnancy testing and non-diagnostic ultrasound scanning, referrals (obstetric, gynecological, social, as well as referrals for professional support to women who have experienced pregnancy loss through abortion), emotional support, practical assistance and support, and psychotherapy.