Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EU Commission Calendar shock: No Christian feast days included, not even Christmas Day

According to a report in the Irish Times (22 January 2011), the European Commission has produced a run of three million calendars for 2011.   The calendars, it seems, have been issued to 21,000 schools – presumably throughout the EU.    However, despite the claims contained in the Lisbon Treaty document about the acknowledgement of the existence of Christianity, there is no mention of anything relating to Christianity in the calendar!   Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish festive days, together with Chinese festivals and other public holidays, etc., are all included in the calendar – but Christianity?  No.   Not even Christmas Day! 

So much for the inclusion of Christianity – on which the history of Europe is based.
So much for the grand, encompassing nature of the European Union that was promised to us all, and particularly to the people of Ireland when they were bullied into ratifying the Lisbon Treaty – they having already rejected it once.

Pope Benedict XVI has recently made reference to the persecution of Christians, and the rejection of Christianity.   Is this a further instance of such a mindset within the European Union?