Monday, January 31, 2011

Personhood of the unborn

There is a great pro-life video to be found here:   Personhood

Watch it, listen to it – watch it again and listen to it again, and again.  Tell your friends about it.   It is particularly interesting in that a former world leader and President of his country is addressing these words of truth to the whole world, and that even today his words have not been forgotten.
Would that the present President – Obama – of the United States would follow the path of his great predecessor in recognising the humanity of the unborn child – rather than pursuing the policies of destruction of human life that he is so intent on putting into action.

Would that our own political leaders and political representatives here in Ireland at this present time took note of what the former President of the United States says in this video.     Let us be aware that the Labour Party, in particular (they have already announced this as their intention if they succeed in entering into Government) will attempt to introduce legislation to allow abortions to be carried out in Ireland.   Remember this threat when you are deciding for whom you are voting.   Could you, in conscience, vote for someone whose Party policy is the killing of unborn children?  Do not be deceived by election promises that candidates are pro-life, pro-family, etc.   

(See also my blog for 20 January 2011 in relation to the forthcoming General Election.)