Tuesday, December 13, 2011

March for life Budapest: December 28th, Feast of the Holy Innocents

The march is advertised under the banner: PEACE IN THE WOMB! march for abolition of the legalised genocide in Hungary.
December 28th the Feast of the Holy Innocents has been chosen as a memorial day for the unborn babies whose lives have been terminated by abortion in Hungary. 
The advertisement for the march tells us that: Anti-life policies have resulted in the killing of more than 6 million unborn children and has thus deeply damaged many millions of families. 

The march will commence at 14:00 p.m. and the leaders will mark the losses by citing the children’s names and tolling a bell. The march will commence from Square Március 15. tér (downtown) and will proceed to King Saint Steven Memorial and then to the palace of the state-president (castle-district), asking him to proclaim an act of “amnesty” for the innocent children before birth from 1 January, 2012.

"Human dignity is inviolable. Everyone has the right to life and human dignity, the life of a foetus will be protected from conception.” (II. Article of the Constitution of Hungary,  25. April 2011. )
The programme sets out the following:
13:00 Church service and holy mass in the nearby churches. Blessing to the roses in the Roman Catholic Main Church in the city center named after Our Lady (Nagyboldogasszony).
14:00 Start from square Március 15. tér to the Chain-bridge („Lánc-híd”).
14:40 Throwing roses into the Danube, we mourn the children-victims killed before their births during the era of the national genocide, we are praying for reconciliation of their parents who felt them as burdens, for the ob-gyns who executed the death-sentences of the genocide, for those who as bystanders were just watching the killing of people without protesting against it, and for the politicians who declared war against the fertility of their own nation.
15:00 Via Clark Ádám tér – Fő u. – Apor Péter u. –  Hunyadi János út – Jezsuita lépcső we proceed to the sculpture of King Saint Steven at the square of the Holy Trinity („Szentháromság tér”).
15:20  600 red roses – symbolising the basic, procreative law of nature and the Heavenly Constitution which is fostering our survival – will be put to the feet of King Saint Steven. Singing the Hymn:
Castle once, now heap of stones;
Fled are all its graces,
Death-cries, rattles, sighs and groans
Occupy their places.
Ah but liberty disdains
Veins that death must vanquish,
Red-eyed orphans in their chain.
 15:45 Start at Jezsuita lépcső – Csónak u.– Színház u. walk to the palace of the state-president at „Szent György tér” square.
16:00 Speech and prayer: the new constitution can be beneficial if it guarantees the right to life for unborn children. On behalf of the Holy Crown, we ask Pál Schmidt, state-president of Republic of Hungary to use his moral and political clout as he was the one that finished the era of Hungarian genocide on the 4th of June, 1956 and to change the words of the new constitution into an act by declaring „amnesty” for unborn children before 1st of January 2012! We ask the lawmakers that the „law” on the protection of unborn children (from year 1992., Nr. LXXXIX) – which is against life and common good – be adjusted to the basic natural law pertaining to the Heavenly Constitution.
16:30 Singing the Hymn:
With the Magyar take your stand,
Lord, in his vain struggles,
Shield him with your mighty hand
From that sea of troubles.
He whom ill-luck long has cursed
This year grant him pleasure,
He has suffered with the worst
Time beyond all measure!
18:00 – 21:00 Prayer, reconciliation and Holy Mass for Life by bishop (Cave-Church run by Paulins, Square Gellért tér)

The event is hosted by the following organisations, Alliance of Christian Intellectuals, Alpha Alliance, Human Life International – Europe, National Alliance of Large Families, Peace in the Womb, Pro-Life Forum, Society of Catholic Doctors named after Saint Luke, Secular Order of Franciscans, Society of Christian Medical Doctors in Hungary, Union of Large Families

CONTACT  Imre Téglásy, Ph.D.
e-mail: alfateglasy@t-email.hu, cellular: +36 30 9226775, www.yesforhungary.eu
INFORMATION!  Parking space for coaches and cars at the Pest-side of the bridge called  Erzsébet-híd (Elisabeth-bridge). The route is 2.5 kilometesr long, a comfortable walk of 70 minutes. Those joining the event outside the procession can use public transport (a blue bus, nr. „16” starting from the square in downtown („Deák tér”) or from the squre called „Széll Kálmán tér”) You have to get off at the stop called „Szentháromság tér” („Holy Trinity”), or at the stop called „Palota út” („Palace street”). There is an elevator called ”gyorslift” or „sikló” from the „Lánchíd” (Chain-bridge) to the spot, too.