Thursday, December 22, 2011

Marriage, the family and traditional values, under sustained attack at the UN

The US under President Barack Obama has been waging war against marriage and the family and was the prime motivator behind a resolution on sexual orientation approved by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last June. The resolution called for a report which has just become available and will be debated during the March session of the Council. We are currently analysing this report and will comment on it shortly. 
In order to underline the commitment of the current US administration to the issue, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced recently that President, Barack Obama, has delivered a ‘sweeping directive’ to UN diplomats in Geneva in relation to the promotion of homosexual and lesbian ‘rights’ when matters of diplomacy and foreign assistance are under discussion.   If the directive is implemented (and it seems that it will be) the outcome will most likely be the elevation of the ‘rights’ of homosexuals and lesbians above the genuine rights of groups, for example, that are persecuted for religious beliefs, for promoting democracy and human rights, ethnic minorities, etc.

Meanwhile, a Bill to protect marriage is being debated in Nigeria, and the Catholic Medical Association of Nigeria has denounced ‘“the coordinated ferocity” by foreign governments and international groups “browbeating” legislators to adopt laws that are premised on “dubious science and ethical mischief.”’
A statement from the National Council of Churches of Kenya declares that ‘God did not make a mistake, being gay is that person’s own perspective.  Those who live as gays need help to live right and we should not be supporting them to live in a wrong reality. […] They have not ceased to be God’s children and no one is a gone case.’