Friday, October 19, 2012

Protest at Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast and intervention by Attorney General

Pro-lifers from all parts of Ireland came out in force yesterday to protest the attempt to open a Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Belfast. Abortion is prohibited in Northern Ireland except to save the life of the mother.It has been estimated that numbers exceeded 1000 during the protest

Despite claims to the contrary, no one believes Marie Stopes will try to follow the law because intentional abortion is never needed to save the life of the mother so there is no reason under the law to have an abortion clinic.The strategy being adopted by Marie Stopes appears to be break the law in order to change it. This is a strategy that pro-abortionists have adopted on many occasions in the past

See Irish Independent article and video

In a separate development the Northern Ireland Attorney General John Larkin has asked the Committee for Justice of the Northern Ireland Assembly to investigate the Marie Stopes clinic.
The Attorney General said if evidence emerged of serious criminal offences being committed, an injunction could be obtained to stop criminal breaches of the law by the Marie Stopes clinic and those working there, and the police would be informed.
Mr Larkin continued by saying that concern is increased by the fact that Marie Stopes claim the law in Northern Ireland is restrictive and they make no secret of their desire to make abortion easier thare