Friday, October 5, 2012

The Children’s Rights referendum – power grab of monstrous proportions

Human Life International Ireland (HLII) Chief Executive Patrick Mc Crystal has issued a press release on the upcoming Children’s Rights Referendum calling it a  “power grab of monstrous proportions”
“The transfer of power away FROM parents TO the State in the proposed referendum is staggering in its audacity.  In a perverse sense, this is an attack on children”
So said Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director of Human Life International (Ireland) today.
“To remove parental protection - as proposed - is a massive loss of rights to the thousands of children currently in married households.  Children should be getting more protection, not less!”
He continued: 
“ This referendum is required to copperfasten the U.N. Rights of the Child in Irish law.  Unbelievably, under article 2 of that convention, children must be “protected” from the parent’s opinions and beliefs.
“Minister Frances Fitzgerald is not telling us the whole story.”
 EVERY child will be a candidate for State confiscation via the forced adoption provision (Article 42A2:2 and 42A:2:3)   The scene is set for cases heard in family courts “in-camera” - behind closed doors -  with gagging of parents.
“Best interests of the child” is a carte blanche to the State to do whatever it wants and parents will be helpless.”  
 Mr McCrystal concluded.