Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Critical information for members of the Irish Government

Members of the Irish Government would do well to view and take account of the following video, "Do no Harm" even though this is simply a trailer for a short documentary. 
  • They could Listen to testimonies from women damaged by legal abortions. 
  • See evidence on how abortions are hurting women physically and psychologically...worldwide studies expose the link to depression, substance abuse, suicides, sterility, pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies and Breast Cancer! 
  • Hear doctors testify on the fact that abortion is more harmful to women then giving birth to their children. 
It would even be better for them to obtain and watch the complete documentary.

The actual DVD of DO NO HARM is 20 minutes long and is available from Silent-No-More Canada at a cost of $20.00 including postage