Monday, January 7, 2013

The Government cannot simply roll over and legislate for abortion

Fr Kevin Doran writing in the Irish Catholic tells us, "A Government which by definition has responsibility for the common good cannot, in my view, simply roll over and legislate for abortion, since the common good cannot be achieved by any means which undermines the good of the individual."
Fr Doran continues by saying; 
I am asking public representatives not to implement the report of the Expert Group but to seek an alternative response to the ECHR which would equally respect the right to life of mothers and their unborn children.

Previous governments have presented us with follow up referenda in which the option was a little abortion or a lot of abortion.

I am calling for a referendum which allows the people the opportunity to exclude abortion altogether.

This should be accompanied by legal clarification of how medical treatment to save the life of the mother can be provided under existing legislation even when, as an unintended consequence, the unborn child would die.
 The full article is worth reading and is available on this link