Tuesday, June 4, 2013

137 credible worldwide studies link induced legal abortion to pre-term births

Denise Mountenay of Canada Silent no More asks some very pertinent questions which are relevant everywhere but particularly so in Ireland at this time.
Denise asks,
Do you know that there are now not one or two, or 5 or 10 studies...no, not 20 or 30 studies, but now 137 credible worldwide STUDIES linking induced LEGAL Abortion to women giving preterm BIRTHS to subsequent children? Sometimes resulting in Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities not to mention depression, substance abuse, breast cancer etc....on top of it.
Denise points out, it is settled science, yet The World Health Organization, large corporations and medical associations continue to HIDE this TRUTH because of the ‘A’ word! God help me she says to REACH pregnant women with the TRUTH about the terrible consequences of abortion!

Denise also poses a question about Canada which is also relevant everywhere;
    Why are Canadians paying for an elective procedure that kills children before they are born, damages women and causes pre-term births too.