Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kenny driving plan to legalise abortion

The Alive newspaper in its latest edition makes some very pertinent points in respect of the Irish Government drive to legalise abortion.

The article reads;
Why Enda Kenny is pushing so strongly to legalise the killing of unborn children in
Ireland is baffling.

On several occasions in the past Mr Kenny publicly proclaimed his Catholic faith in order to advance his political agenda.

Has he undergone a radical religious change for the worse? Or was it hypocrisy all along? Were his pre-election, prolife promises sheer cynicism?

He has embarked on a course of action that is an abomination not only to Christian faith but to basic humanity.

• He knows that he is working for nothing less than to legalise the brutal killing of unborn children.

• He knows that this is contrary to the divine commandment which provides the foundation for all civilisation: Thou shalt not kill.

• He knows that he is leading the country into hardness of heart and radical opposition to God’s will.

• He knows that there are no medical grounds for such an evil anti-child and anti-mother measure.

Not open to reason, and backed by morally corrupt media, he seems determined to impose an horrific evil on society.

Prolife activists and countless voters use reason in a bid to get him to reconsider his position.

Such argument is important in order to show the depth of the evil proposed. But is it ultimately futile?

The issue is no longer at this level. Mr Kenny already knows the arguments and has shut himself off from them.

Now we are dealing with naked, irrational force and Kenny’s corruption of medicine and the legal and political processes.

Fine Gael is destroying the moral foundation of democracy, putting in its place the ruthless and tyrannical arrogance of the powerful. This reduces politics to gangland thuggery at its worst.

If successful, Kenny’s decision to legalise the ultimate violence against unborn children will fundamentally undermine respect for all human life and brutalise our society.

And it will continue to poison political life in Ireland until the diabolical evil is eventually undone.