Thursday, January 30, 2014

Controversial Lunacek report to come before European Parliament on Feb 4th

We reported in December about the Lunacek report which was adopted by the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. This report will come before a plenary session of the European Parliament next week (February 4th).

According to a report issued by European Dignity Watch the rapporteur Mrs. Lunacek is getting nervous. From the beginning, she’s imagined that her “Report on the EU Roadmap against homophobia and discrimination ongrounds of sexual orientation and gender identity” would pass plenary this upcoming 4th of February without debate — and without major resistance from the public. After all, the committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE) had voted in favour of the text with a solid majority last December. But with more and more citizens all over Europe taking an interest in the Report’s actual contents, massive opposition is growing. So far, more than 100,000 emails from concerned citizens have reached MEPs and the protests are only getting louder.

This is the second time in a scant few months that large popular protest from across Europe arises against an ‘own-initiative’ report on areas where citizens do not want to be told by politicians how to live, what to think and how to educate their children. Just like Mrs. Estrela, the rapporteur of this report, Ulrike Lunacek, tries to pass it quickly and without debate (and thus avoid any exposure to the public until after the vote). Last December, Mrs. Estrela learned her lesson. In the end, she was firmly reminded that as an MEP she is elected to represent European citizens — not the shadowy lobby groups that pushed for her report — whose views differ considerably from her own pro-abortion agenda. With this defeat fresh in her mind and with massive email protest against her own report, Mrs. Lunacek is now getting nervous.

Mrs. Lunacek now answered her critics saying that her sole noble intention is to advance equality.
A look beyond the equality rhetoric shows very quickly: The contrary is true. This report is not about equality, but about special rights, protections and privileges for LGBT people. Citizens all over Europe are sending a clear message now: Equalty yes, but for all citizens, not just for some!

The EU Fundamental Rights Agenda applies to all citizens independently of their individual choices on how they live their sexuality. But the Lunacek Report uses the LGBT cause to divide the world in two: those who should enjoy special rights and special protection on the one hand (that is, LGBT persons), and all others who don’t seem to deserve the same rights and the same protection on the other hand. Of course, no rights or protection is denied to anyone in this report, but one doesn’t need a university degree to see that this is the logical consequence of Lunacek’s political agenda.

This is not equality but quite the contrary: It is the belief that fundamental rights should be more rigorously applied to one social group than others.

The full European Dignity Watch report can be found on this link.

Please call on your MEPs to vote against the Lunacek report.