Monday, January 13, 2014

Gender Ideology is 'absurd' and 'very dangerous': Ecuador's President Correa

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa, who last October threatened to resign if the National Assembly decriminalized abortion, is in the news again. In his last public address of 2013 criticized gender ideology, calling it 'absurd' and 'very dangerous.'

'That natural men and women don't exist, that biological sex does not determine man or woman, but 'social conditions' do, and that one has a right to choose if one is a man or a woman. Please! Come on! This won't live up even to a minor analysis!' exclaimed the president.

'These are not theories,' he continued, 'but pure and simple ideologies.'

He warned the public that these 'ideologies' exist to 'justify the lifestyle of those who generate them.'

'We respect them as persons,' he explained. 'But we don't share these barbarities.' He also said he was in favor of the feminist movement that seeks equal rights for men and women. 'We support it wholeheartedly,' he said. Nevertheless, he declared himself against 'fundamentalisms that propose absurd things.'

This, he said, doesn't seek equal rights, but equality in all aspects: 'That men look like women and women like men. Enough!' he said. 'Don't try to impose this on the rest of us. And don't impose it on the youth,' he said.

'We are, thank God, men and women, different,' he continued, 'complementary.'

He explained that he wasn't trying to impose any stereotypes but said it was good that women keep their feminine traits and men keep their masculine ones. 'I prefer a woman that looks like a woman,' he said to an applauding public, 'and I think women prefer men that look like men.'

He warned his public that he'll be called a 'retrograde and a cave man,' for his remarks, but insisted gender ideology was 'very dangerous' as it destroys natural family, which 'happily, will continue to be the basis of our society,' he said. 'I won't be considered a leftist any more… If one is not for abortion one can't be left wing.'

'These are barbarities,' he exclaimed. 'It has nothing to do with right or left… these are moral issues.'