Wednesday, May 7, 2014

European Parliament Election Candidates

We are in full election mode in Ireland with local elections and elections for members of the European Parliament.
It is good to see at least two pro-life and pro-family candidates and we wish them both well. They deserve our unwavering support.
Theresa Heaney is standing on behalf of the Catholic Democrats in the Munster region and Ronan Mullen is standing in the Connaught-Ulster region

Speaking on Kerry Radio to-day (6th May, 2014), Theresa Heaney, Catholic Democrats candidate for the European Parliament, South constituency, agreed with Brian Crowley that the EU project is very complex and that Europe needs “fresh ideas” at this point in time.

Catholic Democrats have these fresh ideas and Theresa laid it on the line for those present in the debate, MEPs Sean Kelly FG, Phil Prendergast Labour as well as Brian Crowley FF.  The other candidate present was Lia Ni Riada of Sinn Fein.    

Theresa pointed out the importance of the Family for the future of Europe and particularly the contribution to EU sustainability of the work of the stay-at-home mother.  She referred to the great Mother’s Article in the Constitution of Ireland, which said that mothers should not be forced out of their homes by economic necessity, and she strongly objected to the present Government’s plan to have that Article removed from the Constitution.

On the question of what she would do in Europe to sort out Ireland’s debt problem, she was emphatic.   “Everyone knows”, she said “that the Irish people saved the Euro, and now it is pay-back time for us.”   The Irish people took the pain and it was high time for Europe to specify how they were going to thank us.

She accused the EU bureaucrats of trying to micromanage not only the lives of the Irish people, but also telling the cows how much “emissions” they would be allowed to produce.  “I’m not a farmer”, she said, “but I spoke to a farmer’s wife last night and she confirmed for me the penal nature of the Nitrates Directive”.   

Speaking to some local people afterwards, Theresa said that what was going on in Europe was akin to insanity, and the Irish government was imposing this insanity on the Irish people.  “They want to control everything in our lives”, she told the gathering.  “They want to get inside every home in the country and dictate to us how we should live our lives down to the smallest detail.    They have tied us up in rules and regulations so much that soon we may not be able to breath without having a tax or a charge imposed on us”, she added, to great applause, concluding with a call for people to stand together with her to “stop them right in their tracks”.