Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Politicians reap what they sow

There has been much political analysis on the fallout from the Local and European elections in Ireland and the resignation of the Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore. Needless to say neither the media nor the political parties seem to understand that it is not only economic issues that influence voters decisions when they come to cast their votes.

The Government parties and Fine Gael, in particular, don’t seem to understand that promises matter and that their high-handed approach to the introduction of abortion legislation is anathema to a huge segment of the electorate. There are very few issues that will bring 60,000 to the streets in public protest but the message went unheeded.  Public opinion was rejected in a most arrogant manner and the TD’s who decided to vote with their consciences were treated shabbily.

Do they think we have short memories, that we have forgotten?

The Government then promised in the wake of the introduction of the anti life legislation that they would hold a referendum in 2015 on so called ‘same sex marriage’ and in the meantime would introduce unacceptable family legislation. They would do well to look across the Irish Sea and consider what has happened to the Government parties there in the wake of the same sex marriage legislation. If they are wise they will quietly drop the proposals and leave our Constitution alone.

In what was a huge slap in the face to the Catholic population of Ireland Tanaiste and Labour leader Eamonn Gilmore arbitrarily shut down the Irish Embassy to the Holy See, supposedly to save government expenditure. Who did he think he was kidding?

In the lead up to the recent election the attempt to play the Catholic card by inviting Pope Francis to come to Ireland and reopening the Vatican Embassy was seen for what it was, a cynical attempt to win back those who had been antognised by the earlier anti Catholic actions.

Did they really think they could treat the electorate in this way and escape scot free?
There is no doubt in my mind that the government parties are responsible for their own demise, they have been ‘hoist with their own petard’.