Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Abortionist Converted

Catholic News Agency carries the extraordinary story of a Serbian abortionist who converted to the pro-life cause after performing 48,000 abortions.

Stojan Adasevic performed up to 35 abortions a day at the height of his career until he began to have a recurring dream in which he saw children running away from him in terror whilst a man in a habit watched him in silence. Finally, the man told him that the children were those he had killed through abortion and that his name was Thomas Aquinas - a name that Adasevic had never heard of, having had an entirely secular Soviet education.

When he refused to perform any more abortions, he was punished by the authorities. His salary was halved, his daughter lost her job and his son was barred from university, but he persevered with his pro-life mission and is now a leading campaigner for the unborn.