Thursday, November 20, 2008

Self-delusion is not the same as ignorance

A heated discussion has erupted on Standing on My Head, inspired by a post discussing the parallels between abortion and slavery.

Some interesting moral arguments have been raised, particularly on the extent to which abortionists realise that they are ending human lives. It was pointed out by one commentator that the Nazis knew they were exterminating human lives when they committed acts of genocide, but abortionists are acting in ignorance. I pointed out that this does not seem to me to be an acceptable argument.

The abortion lobby repeatedly dismisses the humanity of the unborn, using expressions such as 'bundle of cells', 'pregnancy tissue', 'the contents of the uterus' etc etc but this is sheer self-delusion. The scientific evidence is there for the world to see. As a fellow campaigner and mother-of-two put it:

When I started showing signs of going into premature labour, nobody at the hospital spoke of the fetus or the products of conception. It was 'let's have a listen to the baby's heartbeat', 'the baby's moving a lot', 'we're doing everything we can to save the baby' and even 'this is really going to hurt, love, just think of the baby.' I can't fathom the logic of obstetricians who refer to a wanted child as a baby and work through the night to save its life, only to dismiss an unwanted child as a waste product to be removed.

The abortion lobby can be described as many things, but it is not ignorant.