Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shock decision by Irish University to carry out embryo research

University College Cork decided earlier this week that the College will involve itself in embryonic stem cell research confirming newspaper reports to that effect newspaper reports

The governing body of UNIVERSITY College Cork (UCC) today Tuesday 28th Oct accepted a recommendation from the academic council that human embryonic stem cell research be allowed take place at the campus. UCC President Dr Michael Murphy is reported to believe the advantages offered by the findings from embryonic cell stem research outweigh any anxiety people have about the process.

Munster MEP Kathy Sinnott has previously urged UCC to opt for a ban on human embryonic stem cell research during its consultation process has issued a press release in which she says.
"This is terrible news and a sad day for both UCC and Irish science."

"As we speak there are exciting things happening in ethical adult stem cell and cord blood stem cell research and it is passing Ireland by. Already hundreds of genuine treatments have been developed from the ethical research taking place with stem cells and not one has been developed by embryonic but still UCC can not see this."

"It is a great shame to see a wonderful establishment such as UCC with such a proud reputation for education, throwing away all it's years of hard work on this unethical, unproductive and unjustifiable destruction of human life. It is very sad indeed.

In an article in the Irish Independent, David Quinn argued that the Irish government should ban such unethical and unconstitutional research. He noted the secretive behaviour of the university, which stopped pro-life campaigners garnering sufficient support to prevent the vote going in favour of embryo research - which it did by just one vote. He also exposed the dishonesty of the embryo research lobby with its promises of miracle cures and cruel exploitation of disability groups.

It is not too late to stop UCC's shock move and we call on readers to protest to the UCC authorities and Taoiseach Brian Cowen as a matter of urgency requesting immediate rescindment of this appalling decision.