Friday, March 27, 2009

Abortion NEVER necessary to save the mother

The doctor who performed an abortion on a nine-year-old girl carrying twins, justified his actions by claiming that the abortion was necessary to save the girl's life. This claim has been swallowed by the media and certain figures within the Church without question, but a Brazilian Catholic physician was one of a number of doctors to refute the notion that abortion is ever necessary to save the mother's life. He states:
‘As an obstetrician for fifty years, graduated in the National Medical School of the University of Brazil, and former chief of Obstetrics in the Hospital of Andarai [Rio de Janeiro], in which I served for thirty-five years until I retired in order to dedicate myself to the Diaconate, and having delivered 4,524 babies, many from juvenile [mothers], I never had to resort to an abortion to “save lives”, as well as all my colleagues, sincere and honest in the profession and faithful to their Hippocratic oath …'

h/t to Rorate Caeli