Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In the name of choice

I saw this very sad piece of news on the blog of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life. Tragically, stories like this involving a young women being forced into abortions by others - usually parents - are painfully familiar to pro-life counsellors, but like so many abuses carried out in the name of 'choice', feminists have very little to say on the subject. Anyone who remains silent in the face of such despotism is complicit in the abuse and there can be no greater form of abuse than to force a woman to kill her own child.

Whilst abortion promotors wave the banner of choice, abortion is being cynically used to abuse women and kill the innocent. As I may have said once or twice before, if feminists really cared about women, they would speak out against coercive abortion, whether it takes place in China or Scotland, but they refuse to do so.

We cannot remain silent.