Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cork University Hospital and Euthanasia

Cork University Hospital issued an invitation recently to attend a lecture at the Hospital, sponsored by the Health Services Executive (formerly the Health Boards of different areas of Ireland) on the subject: ‘Why Euthanasia Should Be Legalised’. Unless it is cancelled in the meantime, the lecture will be given in early April. The lecturer in question is Professor Len Doyal, a UK professional who in 2006 is reported as saying that doctor-assisted deaths should be legalized, and called for the law to enable doctors to give lethal injections even if patients cannot give their consent.

Youth Defence has asked: ‘Why are taxpayers’ funds sponsoring a HSE pro-euthanasia event? It is absolutely unacceptable that the government is using our taxes to promote an agenda which targets the old and the vulnerable for extermination.’ Youth Defence called on all citizens to contact the hospital and demand that the lecture be cancelled. Owing to the number of calls received by them so far, it is believed that the Ethics Committee of the hospital discussed the situation and a decision is to be announced this week.

The General Manager of Cork University Hospital is Mr. J.A. McNamara, and he can be contacted at 021-4922133.